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Frequently Asked Questions

What are paramagnetic materials?

Paramagnetic materials include almost many chemical elements and compounds; these materials have a relative magnetic permeability comparatively higher than 1 (i.e., a small value of a positive magnetic susceptibility) and thus are attracted to magnetic fields. Curie Law was discovered by Pierre Curie.

What are the conditions for a superparamagnetic M-H loop?

In ideal condition for a superparamagnetic material M-H loop should be zero which somehow relates with the relaxation time of the magnetic spins. In the equation most of the authors generally consider as non interacting particles which is practically not possible.

What is the magnetic permeability of paramagnetic liquid in a U-tube?

A paramagnetic liquid in a U-Tube ascends in the limb which is between the poles of the magnet. The intensity of magnetization is very small, positive and directly proportional to the magnetizing field. Magnetic susceptibility is small and positive. The relative permeability is slightly greater than 1.

Do paramagnetic materials have permanent dipole moment or permanent magnetic moment?

Paramagnetic materials have a permanent dipole moment or permanent magnetic moment. However, if we remove the applied field the materials tend to lose their magnetism. This is because thermal motion randomizes the spin orientations of the electrons. What are Paramagnetic Materials? What are Paramagnetic Materials?

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