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Frequently Asked Questions

Is NO2 paramagnetic or diamagnetic?

NO2 is paramagnetic due to its unpaired electron, while N2O4 is diamagnetic. The chemistry of nitrogen dioxide has been investigated extensively. At 150 °C, NO2 decomposes with release of oxygen via an endothermic process (ΔH = 14 kJ/mol): 2 NO2 → 2 NO + O2 As an oxidizer As suggested by the weakness of the N–O bond, NO2 is a good oxidizer.

Is C O+ paramagnetic or non paramagnetic?

All electrons can not be paired up and there is an odd electron. C O+ molecule is therefore paramagnetic. Overall 4 species are paramagnetic including N O, N O2, O2

How do you know if a substance is paramagnetic or diamagnetic?

Therefore, a simple rule of thumb is used in chemistry to determine whether a particle (atom, ion, or molecule) is paramagnetic or diamagnetic: if all electrons in the particle are paired, then the substance made of this particle is diamagnetic; if it has unpaired electrons, then the substance is paramagnetic.

Why is CN-CO-NO+ and cn-o2 diamagnetic?

Explanation: CN-, CO and NO+ are isoelectronic with 14 electrons each and there is no unpaired electrons in the MO configuration of these species. So these are diamagnetic. O-2 is paramagnetic due to the presence of one unpaired electron. Please log inor registerto add a comment.

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