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Frequently Asked Questions

What elements are paramagnetic?

Paramagnetic element means,this type of element is attracted by the magnet. Ex=aluminium, platinum, oxygen, manganese,chormium.

How to tell if a molecule is paramagnetic?

An an odd number of electrons can clearly produce a paramagnetic ion, radical or molecule. However, molecules with an even number of electrons can also be paramagnetic, the most famous being dioxygen (O 2). The experimental observation is that oxygen is attracted to a magnet. (This is best observed with liquid oxygen.)

What is the most diamagnetic element?

"No other metal is verified to be more naturally diamagetic than Bismuth. It is the most diamagnetic of naturally occuring elements.". "Because bismuth is the most diamagnetic naturally occurring element, it is used for diamagnetic levitation.".

What makes an element paramagnetic?

Paramagnetic properties are due to the presence of some unpaired electrons, and from the realignment of the electron paths caused by the external magnetic field. Paramagnetic materials include magnesium, molybdenum, lithium, and tantalum.

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