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Frequently Asked Questions

What is portablepenguin diner Diner 2?

Penguin Diner 2 is a neat little casual game that has you managing a new but up and coming restaurant somewhere at the Antarctic. The goal of the game is to oversee and make sure that the operations at the diner go smoothly and that every penguin customer is properly served.

Are there any good Penguin diner games?

If you enjoyed Penny’s Antarctic adventure in Penguin Diner 2, check out the original Penguin Diner. Diner Dash is also a great option if you prefer human characters. Browse the restaurant games for more! The game was initially released as a Flash game.

What is bonuspenguin Diner 2?

Penguin Diner 2 is a click-to-play restaurant management game. The game guides you on how to start seating customers and taking their orders. Click customers to seat them, serve them, and finish up by taking their tips to provide space for new customers.

How many locations are there in Penguin diner?

Play through 4 exciting locations, serving customers and earning prized-stars for Penny's Diner. This is round 2 of the hit game Penguin Diner... and it's bigger and better - guaranteed!

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