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Frequently Asked Questions

What are penguin feet called?

Adult Adelie Penguins use their strong feet, toe nails and legs to push themselves as they slide along the ice on their belly. This is called ‘tobogganing’. Here you can see the bone structure of penguin legs and how they are positioned when the penguins stand.

Do penguins have feet, paws, or flippers?

Penguins have webbed feet for powerful swimming. Penguins also have wings which resemble flippers, having evolved to value swimming over the ability to fly, and they have strong webbed feet to kick with while they swim. Even feline and canine species, from domesticated cats and dogs to wild wolves and tigers, have partially webbed feet.

Why do penguins have webbed feet?

Penguins have webbed feet with visible claws that do not retract. A penguins feet are set far back on their bodies, which causes them to stand in an upright position. On land penguins use their strong webbed feet for walking. In the water they use their feet for braking and steering as they dive and swim.

How many feet does a penguin have?

On the Feet of Penguins. A few have only three toes (for example, some kingfishers) and the ostrich is unique in having only two. In most living birds, the first toe quite large and is modified for perching. It is reversed, facing the opposite direction as the remaining three toes, to help grasp branches more firmly.

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