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Frequently Asked Questions

What does PFR mean in baseball?

PFR is a baseball pitching ratio that compares the number of strikes and walks produced by the pitcher in relation to the number of innings they have pitched. As the alternative to a strike or walk is the ball being in play, it compares the number of times that the pitcher (as opposed to the fielders) determined the outcome of an at-bat.

What is PFR in poker?

PFR stands for Pre Flop Raise. This stat shows the percentage of the time a player raises before the flop. If a large part of a player's VPIP is made up by their PFR, they are an aggressive player.

What is VPIP and PFR?

VPIP and PFR are two basic but powerful poker statistics. Combined, they give you a clear picture of how your opponents are playing and ways to exploit their mistakes.

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