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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of fish are in South Carolina?

Identification Guide To South Carolina Fishes Inshore Fishes Red Drum (Spottail, redfish, channel bass, puppy drum,) Sciaenops ocellatus Black Drum Pogonias cromis Barbells on chin. Broad black vertical bars along body. May have multiple spots along dorsal surface.. RKW Spotted Seatrout (Winter trout, speckled trout) Cynoscion nebulosus

What is the state record for Pike in Florida?

Florida is not home to the northern pike, so there is no Florida state record for pike. However, many of the biggest chain pickerel, the smaller cousin to the pike that can often be mistaken for a northern at first glance, hail out of Florida.

What is the biggest northern pike ever caught in Maine?

The biggest northern pike caught in Maine weighs 31.2 lbs and was caught by Lance Bolduc in 1998 out of North Pond. Over 20 years later this great northern fish remains a state record!

What is the state record for Pike in Connecticut?

The state record for pike in Connecticut state is an impressive 29 lbs even in weight. This record was set by Joseph Nett in 1980 and that pike came out of Lake Lillinonah. Then in 2020 Jenny Slater tied this record by catching a 46-inch long pike that weighed in at exactly 29 pounds at a certified scale (full story HERE ).

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