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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best pike fishing on the Connecticut River?

According to Beauchesne, the best pike fishing waters on the Connecticut River extend from Moore Reservoir all the way down to the Massachusetts border. “Some sections,” described Beauchesne, “in particularly the upper valley section from say, Claremont to Piermont, that section of the river is really good pike water.

Where can I catch northern pike in New Hampshire?

Beauchesne’s favorite northern pike territory is the Connecticut River in the upper valley region of New Hampshire.

What kind of fish are in the Connecticut River?

Northern pike are larger, formidable cousins of chain pickerel. Lightning quick on the attack and ruthless in battle, northern pike are the apex underwater predators in the Connecticut River. They can grow in size to over three feet or more.

What time of year do Pike spawn in CT?

Within the Connecticut River system, pike forage heavily in March and April, fattening up in preparation for the coming spawn. “In the springtime, the fish are going to be in the setbacks or in shallower water,” said Beauchesne.

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