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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best lure for pike fishing?

13 Best Lures for Pike. 1 Spoon. Spoons are a staple for northern pike fishermen tacklebox. The wobble of the pike spoons are great for catching the attention of northern pike ... 2 Spinner. 3 Soft Plastic Swimbait. 4 Jerkbait. 5 Crankbait. More items

What is the best rod for pike fishing?

Fishing for pike is similar in a lot of ways to fishing for bass and other predatory fish, the only difference with pike is their size. To start off with a good 7-foot medium-heavy rod is the best choice due to the relative size of the fish you are going for.

Where can I catch northern pike?

These fish can be found in most bodies of water in the northern United States and fight a lot harder than largemouth bass! In this article, I am going to cover all things northern pike fishing. This includes understanding the best pike fishing lures, pike fishing tips, where to find them, and even how to eat them. Let’s go learn how to catch pike!

What size Pike for fishing Canada waters?

Well that’s what we are here to answer. Cobham River Lodge has released 49 northern pike over 50 inches (127 cm) over the past 40 years and thousands of northern pike over 41 inches (104 cm). We know pike fishing and what pike lures work best for fishing Canada waters. Spoons are a staple for northern pike fishermen tacklebox.

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