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Frequently Asked Questions

Do northern pike bite at night?

On lakes with very clear water, the night time bite can actually be pretty good. It’s the one scenario where some anglers may actually get more bites at night than during the day when fishing for pike.

Where is the best ice fishing in NH?

There are several great places to go ice fishing in New Hampshire. Lake Sunapee, Lake Winnipesaukee, Squam Lakes and Lake Tarleton are quite popular destinations.

What is the largest northern pike?

Northern Pike, also known as "Northerns" or "Pike", are generally caught in the range of 18-40 inches; with the largest Trophy Northern Pike coming in at around 50 inches in length. The largest recorded Pike caught in Canada was 56" long and weighed in at over 50lbs.

Does the northern pike live in lakes?

The northern pike lives in lakes, rivers and marshes . It prefers water without strong currents and with many plants. This fish reaches maturity at age two to three years. Spawning occurs in March. The female deposits up to 150,000 eggs that are scattered in marshy areas or other shallow water areas. Eggs hatch in 12-14 days.

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