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Frequently Asked Questions

What time does Pike Place Market close?

Though market stalls close in the late afternoon and portions of Pike Place Market are gated and closed in the evening, this Urban Neighborhood stays awake well into the night as theatres, bars, restaurants, and even coffee shops host patrons into the early hours of the morning.

What to do at Pike Place Market in the winter?

Finding favorite vendors and returning to their market booths, building what community there can be in a farmer’s market as large and popular as Pike Place Market. Winter in Seattle is mild, and while it might be wet, it’s a GREAT time to enjoy all the market has to offer with a smaller crowd.

What's new at Pike Place Market in Seattle?

Orange Dracula – A newcomer to Pike Place Market, this little shop of creepiness is perfectly suited deep in the subterranean levels of the market. Scratch your itch for creepy, cool, and all things Halloween year rounds.

What is the “Pike Place neighborhood?

Seattle’s infamous Pike Place Market is so emblematic that the market and the city blocks in several directions are designated as the “Pike Place Neighborhood,” or, in official city documents, the “ Pike Place Market Historical District “. Many of the parking options, though, are technically in the nearby Belltown Neighborhood.

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