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Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about Pike Place Market?

Pike Place Market is on the bucket list of virtually every tourist visiting Seattle or the Pacific Northwest, and for good reasons: Pike Place Market is magical . I’ve been to open markets all around the world, including many South American public markets much larger than Pike Place Market, but let me tell you: Pike Place is special.

Can I bring an umbrella to Pike Place?

PRO TIP: DON’T bring an umbrella to Pike Place. In Seattle, rain is either too gentle to warrant an umbrella, or too wind-blown for an umbrella to be effective. An even bigger issue with umbrellas is that your umbrella on a crowded Seattle sidewalk is likely to push someone else into the street or gutter.

Is Pike Place Market a possessive noun?

Knowing that Pike Place Market was named after a street (Pike Pl.) and is not a possessive noun (like it would be if it was named after a founder by the name of Pike) may help you remember. 11 1. Skip Lines 12 2. Go All In

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