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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to eat near San Francisco Stadium?

Trinistyle Cuisines A two-mile drive to SoFi Stadium, Trinistyle Cuisines is open Friday through Sunday with a rotating menu of roti, doubles, or a Sunday brunch featuring macaroni pie and callaloo with oxtail or stewed chicken.

Where to eat when visiting an NFL game?

Wood Urban Kitchen is the perfect NFL stop with brisket, slabs of ribs, rip tips, and traditional sides. Be sure to order the sweet potato pound cake with a cocktail before or after the game. Or, simply stake out an outdoor table and order away to watch the Chargers or Rams on TV.

What are the best restaurants in Pier 44?

Pier 44 Restaurant From Business: In business for over 30 years, Pier 44 Restaurant offers seafood delicacies and traditional home-style food. Based in Babylon, N.Y., it serves a range of menu… 16. Don Ricardo's Restaurant 17. Cusmos Greek American Restaurant 18. Long River Chinese Restaurant 19. Gold Lee Restaurant 20.

What restaurants are near Staples Center?

Restaurants near Staples Center 1 Wetzel's Pretzels 2 LudoBird 3 Katsuya - LA Live 4 Live Basil Pizza 5 Smashburger 6 Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill - LA Live 7 San Manuel Club 8 Starbucks 9 Red Mango- L.A. Live 10 Rock'N Fish More items...

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