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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Plaskett and what did he do?

Plaskett was a former law student of Maryland Representative and lead impeachment manager Jamie Raskin. It was Raskin who introduced Plaskett during the impeachment trial calling it a "moment of special pride".

Who is Stacey Plaskett and why is she wearing a Cape?

Delegate Stacey Plaskett from the U.S. Virgin Islands is doing a terrific job making a compelling case while looking fabulous in that blue cape dress. I know this is superficial as hell, but I’m kind of loving that House Manager, @StaceyPlaskett, showed-up wearing a cape to defend our democracy.

Did Stacey Plaskett wear a blue dress to impeachment trial 2?

Cosplayed as the fabulous Rep. Stacey Plaskett for this one because she spoke truth to power while serving cape dress chic-ness #ImpeachmentTrial2 #StaceyPlaskett # [email protected] " "Perhaps it was shallow of me to google "Rep. Stacey Plaskett" and "blue dress" but I did.

What happened to Stacey Plaskett?

Juan McCullum, who was general counsel for the Delegate, Stacey Plaskett, was indicted by a grand jury on two counts of cyber-stalking for stealing nude photos and videos of Plaskett and her husband and leaking them online.

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