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Frequently Asked Questions

How to access the Plesk Control Panel?

By following the steps below you can easily login to your Plesk Control panel:- First open your browser, and enter the URL where your Plesk control Panel is located for example Now press ENTER. Once you press Enter you will see Plesk control panel Login screen. Insert the login username and password given by your hosting provider. More items...

Is cPanel better than Plesk?

Plesk is best suited for windows operating the system with better performance than cPanel.

How can I assign permissions using Plesk Control Panel?

Refer the steps given below to assign permissions using Plesk control panel: Log into your Plesk control panel. Click on the 'Websites & Domains'. Click on the 'File Manager'. Click on the 'httpdocs'. Click on the icon in file manager. Select permissions. Click on the OK button.

Does Plesk support any cluster solutions?

Currently, Plesk does not support any high availability cluster solutions as Plesk is not clustered system. Vote for this feature on Plesk User Voice. The top-ranked suggestions are likely to be included in the next versions of Plesk. Was this article helpful?

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