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Frequently Asked Questions

What is %Plesk_Dir% in Plesk?

Here, %plesk_dir% is the directory where Plesk is installed, usually, it is C:\Program Files (x86)\Plesk\. For example, if your domain uses PHP verion 7.0, use the following command to run the my_script.php script:

How do I change the default document root directory in Plesk?

But, using Plesk you can change the default Document Root directory by altering the panel.ini file like this: where <new_default_docroot> is the name of a directory or a directory path (e.g. “new_docroot” or “<domain>/public”).

What is the default mail path in Plesk for Windows?

By default, the path is /var/qmail/mailnames (for both Postfix and Qmail mail servers). Plesk for Windows supports several mail servers and each stores path in its configuration. Was this article helpful?

What is a Plesk virtual host?

When someone creates a website, Plesk not only adds a new virtual host to the web server but also creates the site’s directory structure and fills the directories with certain initial content. These directories are located in the corresponding virtual host directories:

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