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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I restore data from a backup in Plesk?

If your data is corrupted or lost, you can restore it from a backup file. This topic explains how to restore data from a backup in Plesk. When restoring from a backup file, you can restore all data contained in the backup, or select individual objects to be restored (for example, a particular site, all databases, and so on).

How to restore backups in Plesk obsidian?

Go to documentation for the latest version, Plesk Obsidian. You can restore backups made in Plesk 12.5 or earlier versions of Plesk, but no earlier than Plesk 8.6. To restore data from backup files, go to Websites & Domains > Backup Manager and in the list of backups click the creation date of the backup you want to restore.

What should I do if I forgot a password in Plesk?

If the password cannot be fetched automatically and you do not know it, clear the “Provide password” checkbox. Plesk will restore the backup, but all passwords for restored objects (such as database users or mail accounts) will be generated randomly. At this point, the backup is ready to be restored.

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