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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the typical buck taken in North Carolina in 1987?

North Carolina Terry Daffron took the record typical in Guilford County in 1987. With only six non-typical entries from the state, Don Rockett easily beat out the others with his Person County buck, taken in 1998. Typical: 181 7/8 inches

What is the most typical buck ever taken in New Jersey?

John Klucky killed the state-record typical in Merrimack County. The beast was tagged in 2006. John Gravelle took the non-typical record well before that, in 1950, in Grafton County. With only seven other typical Booner bucks ever taken in the state, the Scott Borden buck takes top typical honors in New Jersey.

Is this Montana’s biggest Buck?

While not a state record, the Petry buck was a mere 1/8 inch shy of tying the Dellwo buck for the Montana title. (Boone and Crockett photo) With only six typical entries total, Sterling Shaver has the state’s largest, with his Wallowa County giant taken in 1982.

What was the largest buck taken in Edgar County in 1985?

Luke Brewster’s non-typical, taken in Edgar County, took the world by storm last fall. Dave Roberts took the state’s largest typical whitetail in 1985. The county is unknown, but the score sure isn’t: It’s the 53rd largest typical whitetail of all time. Timothy Beck’s buck is also no stranger to the public eye.

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