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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pljeskavica?

Actually Pljeskavica is not the name for the burger. It's just a mixed-meat patty made with any combination of ground beef, lamb and pork. It can be served without any flatbread or bun at all, with various condiments on the plate, however in Serbian restaurants you will mostly get it in a form of a burger.

What is a pljeskavice Burger?

The name for these meat patties ( pljeskavice is plural) comes from ​ pljesak, a word meaning "to clap the hands," the motion used to form these thin, large burgers. They can be made with any combination of pork, lamb, and beef and can be grilled, broiled, baked or pan-fried, although grilling is traditional.

How do you cook pljeskavice?

Using slightly dampened hands, divide meat mixture into 6 portions. Form into thin patties, 9 inches by 1/2 inch or about the size of a small dinner plate. Cook pljeskavice about 7 minutes per side. Serve with green onions or chopped raw onion, tomatoes, ajvar, lepinje or pogacha bread and Serbian potato salad or coleslaw on the side.

What does pljesak mean in English?

The name comes from the word pljesak which means "to clap hands". Don't worry if you can't spell it, better save your energy for this huge flavorful meat patty slathered with multiple condiments and enveloped in a soft pillowy flatbread.

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