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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pljeskavica?

Pljeskavica ( Serbian Cyrillic: Пљескавица, pronounced [pʎɛ̂skaʋitsa]) is a grilled dish consisting of a spiced meat patty mixture of pork, beef and lamb. It is one of the national dishes of Serbia and is very popular in the neighbouring Balkan and former Yugoslavian countries of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Montenegro.

What is pljeskavica meat patties?

Pljeskavica is a piece of real, fresh meat. It is full of flavor and you will feel the difference from the very first bite. Moreover, these Serbian meat patties are like McDonald's on steroids. They are HUGE. One is more than enough for an average man.

Why is pljeskavica called Balkan Burger?

Sometimes Pljeskavica is called a Balkan burger, because it is also popular in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, and Montenegro. Lately it has also spread to other European countries and even to the United States. There are plenty of reasons why.

What does pljesak mean in English?

The name comes from the word pljesak which means "to clap hands". Don't worry if you can't spell it, better save your energy for this huge flavorful meat patty slathered with multiple condiments and enveloped in a soft pillowy flatbread.

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