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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the nationwide agent center?

Create quotes and other transactions quickly using Nationwide’s Agent Center. Whether you’re writing new business or assisting current customers, this online sales support system speeds up your process. Agent Center also gives you the online sales, service, agency management and training support you need, including:

How do I make an appointment with Nationwide Insurance?

As a Nationwide agent, you have access to easy-to-use insurance sales tools and online customer support options. Interested in learning more about an appointment with Nationwide? Share a few pieces of information or call 1-800-940-7757, option 4. Provide first-class customer service

Why work with nationwide?

We build long-lasting relationships that give us a deeper understanding of each agency's unique needs. Looking to get appointed with Nationwide? Access everything you need to know to become an appointed agent. Already appointed with Nationwide? Easily access resources and tools to help grow your business.

Why policypolicycenter and guidewire?

PolicyCenter helps you launch innovative new products in weeks, rapidly meet changing customer needs, and quickly scale your success—all with one core system. Guidewire provides the platform to enable us to release change rapidly and innovate in terms of our product portfolio.

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