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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the POP email settings for AOL?

To send AOL mail from any email program, you also need AOL's SMTP server settings. They are the same as the POP3 settings except for: AOL Mail outgoing mail server (SMTP) address is Outgoing mail uses SSL/TLS port 587.

How do I Change my AOL email settings?

Log in to your AOL email account. Click on Settings at the top and at the list on the left under Back to Mail, click Accounts. Beside where it says Password, click the link "Change your AOL password". Another window will pop up. Follow the prompts that will enable you to change your password.


AOL recommends using the IMAP settings in an email client instead of POP3, although both protocols are supported. IMAP syncs the service with your AOL Mail account. Whatever you do with a message on the email service or app shows up in the AOL Mail interface at AOL. POP protocols do not sync email actions.

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