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Frequently Asked Questions

What's in a prediction?

Prediction A prediction is also a type of guess, in fact, it is a guesswork in the true sense of the word. It is not an educated guess, like a hypothesis, i.e., it is based on established facts. While making a prediction for various applications, you have to take into account all the current observations. It can be testable, but just once. ... More items...

What is a valid prediction?

The valid prediction range is the range of the “predictor” variable. In this case its from 51 - 91 7) Use the regression equation to predict a student’s final course grade if 75 optional homework assignments are done.

What is predicting or prediction?

1. to declare or tell in advance; foretell. 2. to foretell the future; make a prediction. pre•dict`a•bil'i•ty, n. pre•dic'tor, n. syn: predict, prophesy, foresee, forecast mean to know or tell beforehand what will happen.

What is prediction of the course of a disease?

The prognosis is a prediction of the course of a disease following its onset. It refers to the possible outcomes of a disease (e.g. death, chance of recovery, recurrence) and the frequency with which these outcomes can be expected to occur.

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