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Frequently Asked Questions

How to teach prepositions in the classroom?

Then place the pen in the desk draw and say ‘in’. Then place it under the desk and say ‘under’. And so on. Once students grasp the basic concept of prepositions, reinforce this by showing your students these preposition flashcards. Show each flashcard to the students and ask them to repeat after you. Then ask students to say each word on their own.

What is a preposition of place activity?

In this preposition of place activity, students listen to clues containing prepositions of place and work out where various fruits and vegetables are located on a stall. Give each group of four a copy of a stall plan and give each student a set of clues. The students take it in turns to read out their clues to the group.

How can I warm up my students with prepositions of place?

Action is key to this preposition activity warm up and you can spark interest and enthusiasm in your students if you get a bit creative. Take a large book and begin placing it in different places around a desk. Let your students call out and explain where the book is, using correct prepositions of place. “The book is on the desk.”

How do you review prepositions of place?

This challenging place prepositions worksheet activity is ideal for reviewing prepositions of place. Give each student a copy of a floor plan and a worksheet containing clues to the location of each room. Students read the clues and label the rooms on the floor plan. When the students have finished, check the answers with the class by drawing ...

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