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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an icon used for?

An icon is a small graphical representation of a program or file. When you double-click an icon, the associated file or program will be opened. For example, if you were to double-click on the My Computer icon, it would open Windows Explorer.

How can I download icons?

Individual icons can be downloaded by clicking on a large blue "Download" button (with a floppy disk image) that is available on the web page with icon details. Individual icons can also be downloaded by clicking a small floppy disk links on icon set pages.

How do you find desktop icons?

Right-click (or press and hold) the desktop, point to View, and then select Large icons, Medium icons, or Small icons. Tip. You can also use the scroll wheel on your mouse to resize desktop icons. On the desktop, press and hold Ctrl while you scroll the wheel to make icons larger or smaller.

What is company Icon?

ICON is an open shop company comprised of project managers, engineers, and tradecraft personnel capable of providing turnkey construction services without reliance on third party support. This turnkey ability affords ICON with a competitive advantage matched by few other firms.

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