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Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a defective product?

A defective product is defined as any product that is unreasonably dangerous when it is being used for its intended purpose without any alterations or interference. More specifically, a defective product is one that causes injury to a person due to a design defect, a manufacturer defect, or a marketing defect.

Who is responsible for a defective product?

Product liability refers to a manufacturer or seller being held liable for placing a defective product into the hands of a consumer. Responsibility for a product defect that causes injury lies with all sellers of the product who are in the distribution chain.

What are the most common defective products?

What are the Most Common Examples of Defective Products Children's products. A common issue with children's toys is small pieces that can easily in ingested. ... Food. Recently it seems that lettuce and other produce are constantly being recalled. ... Car defects. ... Readers Favorite Medical devices and pharmaceuticals. ... Industrial equipment. ... Household appliances. ...

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