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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of a vector product?

Definition of vector product. : a vector c whose length is the product of the lengths of two vectors a and b and the sine of their included angle, whose direction is perpendicular to their plane, and whose direction is that in which a right-handed screw rotated from a toward b along axis c would move.

What is a product in chemistry?

Updated July 12, 2019. In chemistry, a product is a substance that is formed as the result of a chemical reaction. In a reaction, starting materials called reactants interact with each other.

What is a dot product in physics?

So basically, Dot product takes two vectors and the angle between them and return a single number. Example if you want to move an object and if you want to Compare between the effort done by different forces acting on the body in different directions, then you can use Dot product to arrive at a scalar.

What is the dot product of two vectors with the same angles?

The dot product of two vectors is zero if they are orthogonal. More generally The dot product is the product of the lengths and the cosine of the angle between them. When the vectors are pointing the same direction the dot product is maximized.

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