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Frequently Asked Questions

What products does Japan Export?

Japan has a highly industrialized economy. In addition to its major products, it exports optical, technical and medical equipment, iron and steel, organic chemicals, plastics, and mineral fuels, such as oil.

What are some manufactured products in Japan?

Japan manufactures many products, including automobiles, consumer electronics and video games. Many prominent companies are based in Japan, including Sony, Nintendo, Toshiba, Casio, Canon and Honda.

What are some Japanese products?

60 Irresistible Made in Japan Products to Buy Now Ninja Bento Set by Kotobuki. Running out of lunch options? ... Japanese Crane Kimono Robe. Crafted by renowned kimono makers in Kyoto, this luxurious loungewear robe is ideal for those who enjoy kimono design, with the ease of a throw-on ... Fujisan Rock Glass by Fuji Glass. Sake, shochu, whiskey, no matter your Japanese tipple, it all tastes incredible when sipping from the meticulously crafted Fujisan Glass Rock Glass. More items...

What food does Japan Export?

Japan imports about 60% of its food. Though the country usually is self-sufficient in rice, eggs, mandarin oranges and whale meat, it imports many basic goods, such as soybeans and cooking oil.

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