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Frequently Asked Questions

What products are manufactured in China?

Products such as chips and garlic are produced in China. Spices and herbs such as ginger and garlic are grown in China and exported to foreign markets. Chinese factories make vegetarian meat products. Many canned foods on market shelves were manufactured in China.

What food products are made in China?

Corn is the most produced food commodity in China followed by rice and fresh vegetables. China produces more than 100 million tons of 5 food commodities: corn, rice, vegetables, sugar cane and wheat. Pork is the most produced animal protein followed by chicken and beef. Beef is the 42nd most produced food in China.

Are Leupold products made in China?

Leupold has contracts with glass manufactures in both Japan and China as do about 90% of optics manufactures. Most high end optics come for Japan or Germany while the lower end comes from China.

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