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Frequently Asked Questions

Which organisms are capable of cellular respiration?

All living organisms partake in some form of cellular respiration. This includes bacteria, fungi, protists, plants and animals. Cellular respiration is sometimes called aerobic respiration because it requires oxygen to occur, although a few organisms are capable of anaerobic respiration, respiration without oxygen.

What are the three processes of cellular respiration?

Respiration may be divided into three phases: (1) external respiration, (2) internal respiration, and (3) cellular respiration. In external respiration, or breathing, a plant or animal takes in oxygen from its environment and releases carbon dioxide.

What part of cellular respiration produces the most?

Most of the reactions of cellular respiration are carried out in the mitochondria . Additionally, when would a cell produce the most ATP? Most of the ATP of a eukaryotic organism is made in the mitochondria during the last phase of cellular respiration that is called the electron transport chain (ETC).

What does cellular respiration produce for our cells?

In cellular respiration, cells use oxygen to break down the sugar glucose and store its energy in molecules of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Cellular respiration is critical for the survival of most organisms because the energy in glucose cannot be used by cells until it is stored in ATP.

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