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Frequently Asked Questions

What products can you sell from home?

Candles & Home Fragrance. There are two main categories to consider when looking to sell from home; products that are consumable and non-consumable goods. Consumable goods are those products that are used and need to be replaced on a regular basis. Candles and home fragrance items are a good example of consumables.

What can you buy at a home party?

Since the 1950s, home party businesses have been incredibly popular. Though they were originally used primarily for selling household goods like Tupperware, today, you can buy anything from makeup to jewelry to adult toys at a home party.

What is a homehome party business?

Home party businesses allow you to work as a self-directed sales representative (sometimes called a consultant), hosting events or “parties” in homes or online to sell products. At these parties, the consultant demonstrates products and takes orders from guests, receiving a portion of the profits from each sale.

What are the best home party companies to start?

We list the best home party companies to consider below. Avon offers the highest potential commissions and lowest starting fees out of all of the home party companies on our list. However, note that your success in a home party business will depend largely on your ability to sell and the interest level of those in your social circles.

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