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Frequently Asked Questions

What is overmoth kaiju?

overmoth is a dev kaiju that the owner only has, it will be released a gamepass and added along with: godzilla 2014 ghidorah 2019 gorosaurus Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Let's Go Luna! Wiki

How much does it cost to run project kaiju?

Project Kaiju, which is expected to open to proposals early next year, is being run with a $150m budget – of which $135m is earmarked for the project as a whole while a second contract, at $15m, is offered for those taking on the Godzilla project management role plus one or more of the Mothra, King Kong, Baragon, or Colossus sub-projects.

What is project kaiju by the US Air Force?

The United States Airforce (USAF) has unveiled Project Kaiju, a $150m (£108m) effort to build "cognitive electronic warfare" systems capable of operating entirely autonomously – to be run under Godzilla's watchful eye.

What is the overmoth in the game?

The Overmoth is a Daiju in the game it is in the Daiju pack for 2,500 Robux. It originates from a game called Cyron, which the blade ninja also owns.

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