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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of properties?

Types of Properties. Thermodynamic properties are divided into two broad types: intensive properties and extensive properties. An extensive property is any property that depends on the size (or extent) of the system under consideration.

What are identifying properties?

Identity Property (The Identity Property is a property which applies to the entire set of numbers which can be displayed by the clock. The identity property does not apply to individual numbers by themselves.) Of all the times (numbers) that can be displayed by the clock, the number 12 hours has a unique quality.

What are primary properties?

Primary qualities are thought to be properties of objects that are independent of any observer, such as solidity, extension, motion, number and figure. These characteristics convey facts. They exist in the thing itself, can be determined with certainty, and do not rely on subjective judgments.

What are the characteristics of properties?

The characteristic properties of a substance are always the same whether the sample being observed is large or small. Examples of characteristic properties include freezing/melting point, boiling/condensing point, density, viscosity and solubility.

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