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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best pulse oximeter to buy on Amazon?

Here are some of the best pulse oximeters you can buy on Amazon. . This high-quality oximeter from Salter features a useful auto-off function to conserve battery power, and its simple dual colour OLED screen is easy to read.

How long does it take for a digital pulse oximeter to work?

This oximeter only needs eight seconds to get measurement results and its large, backlight LED display makes this pulse oximete… . This digital pulse oximeter is operated with one button, making it simple to use, and can accurately read your SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation level), pulse frequency and pulse intensity within 10 seconds.

Does a pulse oximeter pierce the skin?

A pulse oximeter doesn’t pierce the skin. If you’re interested in the science behind the pulse oximeter, here’s a basic rundown of how the technology works. When you wear a pulse oximeter, you may see light emitting from the inside of it. This is normal, as one side of the unit generates light of differing wavelengths.

What happens if you wear nail polish with a pulse oximeter?

1 If you’re wearing dark nail polish, your pulse oximeter may provide a false reading. 2 An oxygen saturation level of about 95% is considered normal. ... 3 Pulse oximeters are designed to be portable, so testing can be done wherever you are. ... 4 Don’t use a pulse oximeter if your fingers are cold after being outside. ... More items...

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