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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Pulsometer watches work?

Like we previously mentioned, the Pulsometer scale works hand in hand with a chronograph function. However, some Pulsometer watches lack a chronograph complication. The traditional method to measure heart rate is to count the pulse for fifteen seconds.

What is a doplr pulse-watch?

In honour of the first pulsometer watch invented by Dr John Floyer in 1707, the English physician was renowned for his work on the pulse, the dial of the Doplr Pulse-Watch has been developed to measure both the pulse (pulsometer) and the respiratory rate (asthmometer).

What is the Pulsometer scale on a smartwatch?

The Pulsometer scale is similar to a Tachymeter scale. It’s typically located around the rim of the dial near the bezel, but sometimes, it’s closer to the center of the display. This scale is specifically designed to measure heartbeats per minute.

What is a pulsometer scale?

The pulsometer scale (called the pulsograph here) is placed along the edges of the dial and is graduated to 30 pulsations. The watch is powered by the manufacturemonopusher chronograph caliber MB M13.21 visible through the caseback.

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