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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you care for a Purple Heart plant?

Water young purple hearts regularly, keeping the soil evenly moist until the plants are established and display new growth. Thereafter, water the plants only during periods of dry weather. Water generously to saturate the root zone as shallow watering creates shallow, weak roots. Don't water again until the soil is dry.

How to take care of Purple Heart plants?

How to Take Care of Purple Heart Plants Seasonal Watering. Although highly drought-tolerant once established, purple heart will look tidier and more lush if it gets regular water in summer. Fertilizer Needs. Purple heart uses its soil nutrients efficiently and requires little supplemental fertilizer. ... Pruning and Grooming. ... Considerations. ...

What type of tree is Purple Heart?

The Purpleheart Tree. There are 23 different species of trees that yield purple heart lumber, all belonging to the genus Peltogyne. Each species is so similar to the next that they are all accepted as purple heart. The trees grow up to 170 feet, although they usually only reach 120-150 feet with diameters of up to four feet.

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