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Frequently Asked Questions

What is purpurple wave auction?

Purple Wave Auction is announcing an improved user experience to the popular no reserve auction site - The new web interface offers a guided search with robust technology delivering instant results, with item counts, so you can quickly and easily find what you are looking for....

How many stars does purple wave auction have?

How is Purple Wave Auction rated? Purple Wave Auction has 2 stars. What days are Purple Wave Auction open?

What is purple wave?

Purple Wave is a no-reserve online auction service. Straight. Simple. Sold. New to Purple Wave? We’re halfway through September now, and that means a few things: football is back, kids are back in school, days are getting shorter,...

Do you sell table saws at Purple Wave?

Here at Purple Wave we sell a lot of things: mowers, tractors, cars, trucks, RV’s, even table saws; you could make the assumption that... Bid Now on Used Construction Equipment, Farm Equipment, Trucks, Trailers, Vehicles and more.

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