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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IMAPS Wake County GIS?

iMAPS Wake County GIS creates, manages and analyzes geospatial information that is used in decision making by government agencies, nonprofits, businesses, educational institutions and residents. We make it accessible to the public through apps, via online and downloadable maps, and through the Open Data Portal.

Who is responsible for septic systems in Wake County NC?

Septic Installation Wake County’s Wastewater Program is responsible for all permitting and inspecting activities that require a septic system for wastewater disposal while offering technical assistance to those designing septic and wastewater systems.

Do I need a permit to get water in Raleigh NC?

Utility Connection Permits are required for all new water and sewer service connections. Fees associated with this permit can be found in Raleigh’s Development Fee Schedule: Capital Facilities Fees are required for all new water and sewer connections and are based on meter size.

How do I obtain information about residential infill development in Raleigh?

All information specified on the Residential Infill Development webpage should be included with the notification letters before they are mailed to the City. For questions about the mailed notification process, you can email [email protected] Please note this email address does not accept applications or supporting documents.

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