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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the composer of the song Rango?

Rango, released on 1 Mar 2011, consists of a playlist of 34 credited songs, from various artists including Mike Radovsky & Paul Martin, Studio Group and Rick Garcia. The original score is composed by Hans Zimmer.

Where can I listen to walk don't Rango?

Play on Apple Music - Walk Don't Rango (feat. Arturo Sandoval) Download on iTunes - Walk Don't Rango (feat. Arturo Sandoval) Play on Spotify - Walk Don't Rango (feat. Arturo Sandoval) Play on YouTube - Walk Don't Rango (feat.

What happens to Rango after the car crash?

During the car crash as Rango's tank goes flying through the air and breaks. Rango starts walking off into the desert. The town comes out at noon and dances for water.

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