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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my RAV4 so hard to bleed?

I found that the RAV4 was very hard to bleed... What you're describing could be brake booster.. Is it harder to stop? Its probably worn master cylinder rubbers or the bore of the cyl is pitted . Brake fluid is Hydroscopic, yea a big word , but it means it attracts moisture out of the atmosphere. this collects in the cyl and corrodes it.

What happens when you bleed brakes after replacing the master cylinder?

-- After replacing the master cylinder, the amount of the air in the brake system is massive. If this is the first time you have ever bled brakes, then this might be the only problem. You might have to perform a few cycles of bleeding all four wheels. -- Do you see any leaks in any of the brake lines?

What are the symptoms of a failing master cylinder?

With one of our other old cars, it had symptoms consistent with a failing master cylinder. A slow pedal press would sink the pedal low, a fast press would hold. It turns out that it was caused by one of the rear wheel cylinders leaking brake fluid past the piston cup seal. The internal cups weren't sealing well anymore.

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