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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should a Toyota RAV4 be serviced?

A: According to the manual, Toyota recommends that you have your RAV4 serviced every 5,000 miles or every 6 months - whichever comes first. Q: When should I change the oil in my Toyota RAV4?

When did the Toyota RAV4 come out?

Production of the RAV4 started in 1994 by Toyota as they created the first compact crossover SUV on the market. Now the compact crossover SUV market is full of choices such as the Peugeot 3008 and the Honda CR-V.

What kind of engine does the Toyota RAV4 have?

Buyers of the most recent version of the Toyota RAV4 can opt for a hybrid or non-hybrid engine with a choice of 4 transmissions (manual, automatic or CVT). The fifth-generation is also available as the Suzuki Across (see below) or Toyota Wildlander in some territories around the world, sharing the same mechanical part and some aesthetic ones too.

Is there a PHEV version of the Toyota RAV4 2021?

The Chinese sold Wildlander version also gained a PHEV option for 2021 too. This 2020 model of the RAV4 was finally introduced to the Malaysian market with 2 engine options. The company also updated its onboard safety software to help it pass "the moose test" after it failed the Swedish motoring magazines test.

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