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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended oil for Toyota RAV4?

Toyota recommends using 0W-20 engine oil in the Toyota RAV4, but you may use 5W-20 as a substitute if 0W-20 is unavailable. Including the oil filter capacity, the RAV4 requires 4.6 quarts of oil to fill it.

What are the features of a Toyota RAV4?

Full Answer. The Toyota RAV4 comes with an engine immobilizer, dusk-sensing headlights and two front and three rear headrests. The SUV comes with a rear center three-point safety belt, stability and traction control and rear height-adjustable headrests. The RAV4 also features tire-pressure monitoring, a first aid kit and a remote security system.

Does Toyota RAV4 come in 4 wheel drive?

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid E-Four all-wheel drive. In addition to the familiar Toyota Hybrid engine and motor powering the front wheels, models with E-Four all-wheel drive employ a second, rear-mounted electric motor to power the rear wheels. This allows torque to be distributed between all four wheels, improving grip and stability.

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