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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the problems with the Toyota RAV4?

Some common problems with the Toyota Rav4 include problems with shifting, excessive oil consumption, engine problems and steering problems. The 2002 model has the most registered complaints.

Are Toyota RAV4's good vehicles?

Yes , the Toyota RAV4 is a good compact SUV. This well-rounded utility vehicle has a cavernous cabin filled with high-end materials and numerous standard features, while the fuel-efficient engine delivers ample power.

What size tyre for Toyota RAV4?

Toyota RAV4 2020 tire sizes: 2.5 VVT-i : 225/65R17, 225/60R18, 235/55R19 Rim Sizes: 7×17 - 7.5×19 Thread size: M12 x 1.5 Tire pressure: 2.3 - 2.5 Bolt Pattern: 5×114.3 Toyota RAV4 2019 tire sizes: 2.5 VVT-i : 225/65R17, 225/60R18, 235/55R19

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