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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 2008 Toyota RAV4 a good car?

Is the 2008 Toyota RAV4 a good car? According to CARFAX data, 37 car owners give the 2008 RAV4 an average of 4.5 stars out of 5. Those reviewers like its families and cost. What is the MPG of the 2008 Toyota RAV4? The EPA-estimated gas mileage for the 2008 Toyota RAV4 is 21 mpg for city travel and 27 mpg on the highway.

What kind of engine does a Toyota RAV4 hybrid have?

The full hybrid system combined a 2.5-liter Atkinson cycle gasoline engine with a powerful electric motor, a high voltage generator, a 204 cell nickel–metal hydride battery located under the rear seats, a power control unit, and a power split device. RAV4 Hybrids were available in both front and all-wheel drive variants.

What is the Chinese version of Toyota RAV4?

Another Chinese market variant with different front and rear fascias produced and sold by GAC Toyota is called the Toyota Wildlander ( Chinese: 威兰达; pinyin: Wēilándá ). In Malaysia, the RAV4 was teased by UMW Toyota Motor on its official website on 2 June 2020.

How much does a 2021 Toyota RAV4 hybrid cost?

2021 RAV4 HYBRID. Get more out of every drive. $28,500. starting msrp 1. as shown $34,450 1. 41/38 est. mpg 74. Swipe to Rotate. Magnetic Gray Metallic. Prices and colors may vary by model.

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