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Frequently Asked Questions

Which substances are reactants in respiration?

The substances that are being used up in cellular respiration are oxygen (O2) and glucose (C6H12O6). They are the main reactants. Cellular respiration happens in the mitochondria, the power house of the cell.

How do the reactants of respiration enter the body?

The reactants in aerobic respiration include oxygen and glucose . Oxygen enters the cell by diffusion. It is first transported to the cells via the red corpuscles. These contain hemoglobin, a transporter protein that carries oxygen to the cells of the body.

What are the KREB cycles reactants and products?

The reason the Krebs cycle is named as such is that one of its main products, oxaloacetate , is also a reactant. That is, when the two-carbon acetyl CoA created from pyruvate enters the cycle from "upstream," it reacts with oxaloacetate, a four-carbon molecule, and forms citrate, a six-carbon molecule.

What are the main reactants of cellular respiration?

The cellular respiration happens in the mitochondria. During the cellular respiration, glucose and oxygen are the reactants during this process and the main product of this process is ATP, with waste products carbon dioxide and water. Therefore, the correct answer would be option B. O2 (oxygen) and C6H1206 (glucose).

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