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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Reagan email service collect your information?

The claim is that the Reagan email service, which costs you $40 per year, does not do this. However, if you read through the Privacy Policy for, it is true that says they will not collect your information, but they do allow their affiliates to collect your information.

Is reaganreagan com a conservative email? is email for conservatives, right? So supposedly using will support a conservative agenda rather than a liberal agenda. Perhaps directly, and on the very surface, but indirectly (and about half an inch below the surface down to bedrock) no.

How do I send a notification to the Reagan office?

To serve a Notification on, send your Notification to: Email Address of Designated Agent: [email protected] Designated Agent: Director of Internet Technology,, LLC, 230 S. Clark Street, Suite 302, Chicago, IL 60604. Facsimile: 877-452-4338.

What devices can I use @Reagan email on? email is compatible with most mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry. It will also work on any Windows or Mac computer. Did You Know?

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