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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Michael Reagan’s “Reagan” a scam?

So, Michael Reagan’s scam is very simple. He pays less than $1.75 and resells it for $39.99. What a rip off. Also, what put me over the edge is their statement on the “About us” page. They claim that To ensure the security of, and the privacy of our customers, it is our policy not to disclose the names of the partners involved.

Is Reagan’s email private and secure?

After singing up, thinking that it was a true, private and secured email address as they advertised, I received the email notifications from with instructions how to set up my email on my computer. I quickly realized that the servers that they are using are NOT theirs. They are using a hosting company called

How do I send a notification to the Reagan office?

To serve a Notification on, send your Notification to: Email Address of Designated Agent: [email protected] Designated Agent: Director of Internet Technology,, LLC, 230 S. Clark Street, Suite 302, Chicago, IL 60604. Facsimile: 877-452-4338.

What should I do if my Reagan account is compromised?

Do this for your Reagan account in your Member Area utilizing the Customer Info and Change Password tabs. Be sure to do the same for any other accounts you feel may have been compromised. Run an Anti-Virus scan on your system to make sure that you did not pick up a virus.

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