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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Reagan emails secure?

Yes, emails generated from your account are encrypted so that they are secure when being sent to your recipients. 12. How do you handle spam? We have spam filters in place in addition to each user being able to set their own spam settings. A user can choose to set a spam blocker for a sender or an entire domain name.

What is reaganreagan email? is a private email service that will not be scanned by us and we will never sell your email address or use the contents of your emails to sell you something. How to Sign Up for Email:

How do I get to my Reagan email settings?

How to get to your Email Settings: Once you log into your inbox at our website, please click the three small bars next to your email address and search field. Click Settings. Once you have accessed your settings: General Settings, Composing Email, Incoming Email, Spam Settings will appear.

Is Michael Reagan’s “Reagan” a scam?

So, Michael Reagan’s scam is very simple. He pays less than $1.75 and resells it for $39.99. What a rip off. Also, what put me over the edge is their statement on the “About us” page. They claim that To ensure the security of, and the privacy of our customers, it is our policy not to disclose the names of the partners involved.

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