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Frequently Asked Questions

What is reaganreagan email? is a private email service that will not be scanned by us and we will never sell your email address or use the contents of your emails to sell you something. How to Sign Up for Email:

How much does Reagan's email service cost?

The cost of Reagan’s supposedly private and secure email service is $40 per year. This service is rented from a man who has no technical expertise and is not a server administrator. His Terms of Service clearly and painfully guarantee you nothing in terms of support, up-time, warranty, or back-up.

Are emails sent and received from Reagan's personal email servers secure?

Even if a given email was secure and private while on the servers, any incoming and outgoing messages will go through a server at some point somewhere in the world that is likely owned, operated, or affiliated with one of the internet or server giants, including Google.

Will Michael Reagan's email service work on your mobile device?

Ironically, on the same site that Michael Reagan is falsely boasting that his service will get you away from those Big Brother liberal companies, he provides instructions for how to configure his email service to work on your mobile device.

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