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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a recorder a real instrument?

A recorder is an instrument for making music, therefore it is a musical instrument!! There is no such thing as proper or improper!! Following the logic of some people, who claim that since the recorder can be so easily played, it is not a real instrument, it`s like saying `since the recorder can easily produce music,...

What are the keys on a recorder?

Modern recorder parts are notated in the key they sound in. Parts for alto, tenor and contrabass recorders are notated at pitch, while parts for sopranino, soprano, bass, and great bass are typically notated an octave below their sounding pitch.

What is the best screen recorder for a laptop?

ScreenHunter Pro. ScreenHunter Pro is one of the best screen capture programs you can buy. Capturing your screen is a simple as one click. In addition to its image capturing tools, it has recording functionality, such as capturing video of what’s happening on your screen, you can also use your computer’s integrated webcam to get video of yourself,...

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